Community Resilience Challenge

Community Resiience Challenge - Sustainable Contra CostaThe Community Resilience Challenge is a collaboration of non-profits, municipalities, businesses and individuals working together to take practical action for a more healthy, just and resilient future.

The Challenge is in response to the urgent need to build resilience in our homes and communities in the wake of climate change, drought and social injustice.  The campaign focuses on positive solutions that groups work on together through our Calls to Action: Grow food, Reduce Waste, Save Water, Conserve Energy and Build Community.

No matter where you are on your sustainability journey, there’s something for YOU.  Actions can be registered now through the end of May and can be anything that you haven’t registered before.

People are raising chickens and bees, installing their own rain harvesting barrels, nourishing their gardens with drip irrigation, and building soil health in order to fight global warming (and grow more nutritious food). Businesses are starting lunchroom composting bins, and citizens are organizing their own sustainability events.

What will your action be? Make your pledge and gets lots of information and projects ideas HERE.


Read the full Resilience Challenge 2017 Final Report

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